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Some updates: Departure on L’Ampolla in the Ebro river Delta (south Catalonia). We will spend some days walking through the natural reserve, watching the migratory birds, swimming, sharing hopes and worries with the local labourers, eating delicious food and participating in events with local and international artists. Then, for some days we will walk across another wonderful natural park, the mountains of “Els Ports”. We will approach the Ebro again and walk in the sites of the last battle of Spanish Civil War. Some artists will show their works dedicated to the memory of those who fighted there. Crossing the Ebro we will go to the very  little known region of Les Garrigues and then reach the city of Lleida. 20-22 days in total and about 200 km walk. The guide will allow to choose your favorite regions and villages if you do not want to walk all the journey.

How is the trek organized?
The walkers should be registered at the beginning of the stage or stages they want to walk. Every day we walk about 15 to 25 kilometers along with an artist or a group of artists who have prepared something for us. The path follows a topographical spiral down and around the region, crossing urban and rural areas, natural landscapes, and seaside or mountain trails. Both during the walk and at stops, the artists perform and make their interventions—poetry, dance, installations, music. Day and night.

The trip is open to the public, and offered in all possible formats: People can walk every day, or they can just do two or three days, or they can simply join at a meeting point and enjoy the performance. Walkers can start or stop their journey at any time and adapt their trip to their personal plans. Grand Tour is a project for all types of audiences—families with children and solo travels, old and young, experienced walkers and beginners.

What do the artists do?
Each artist has created a personal and site-specific piece for Grand Tour. Music, dance, art in nature, poetry… Some artists will also propose participatory activities. The artists perform in the starting points, the points of arrival or during the journey. Every day is different.
As an artist, how can I join Grand Tour?
You can send your  proposals using the contact form of this webpage and we will discuss the possibilities with you.
Do we have to walk many days?
Each person, family or group decides when walking with us, and for how long. If you want to walk several days with us, we will provide information on accommodation for you to book. If you wish we can do the booking for you. We recommend to do the reservations in advance, especially if you program for a few days, or if you walk in weekends.

How do I know which is the route of each day?
Check our Tour Guide. There you can find all the information about starting points,  additional meeting points, arrival, performances of artists and participatory activities each day. With this information you can decide when to join and when to leave. Remember that if you walk one full day a vehicle will take you to the place where you started.


If you want to book your participation in Grand Tour one or more days, please send and email to us. We will contact you, send information and register your booking.