Someone said that somewhere, while journeying  at Grand Tour, perhaps, or maybe not, it will be as if the water source is flowing more than usual, or that sunrays are not enough to explain the sun light around, or that it looks like if we were fourteen of us and we are just thirteen, or that the grass is somehow trampled, or that there is a breeze as if there was a fan, or that the pasta have a strange taste, or not, o maybe yes.

Then we’ll know that Job Ramos is among us, or not, or maybe yes.

Down the Ter’s river, walking around Susqueda’s dam  we will arrive to a place called La Codina where she will be waiting for us. She half hermit, half princess, half witch, Piromana d’Argos…

The rhythm leading my work is the one I have learnt since my birth: the rythm of mountains, rivers, caves, the clads the green, the moss and juniper.  The Song of personal truth in the expression of being. The spirit of the simplicity, condensation, the sustained and concrete expression. Gratitude to share the craft that lays  beauty.

This vital need comes from the need of experiment, exploring, deforming and jump into the void to reach the knowledge and the information leaving inside us as creatures. Throughout this space the light threads emerging from the darkness can be seen, working to transform awareness in a creation tool. It is the sum of different nows, the beauty of the ephemeral.

I share with you the last two recent creative processes, related to the work that i’m going to do in Susqueda in the context of the Grand Tour:

I wait for you at home, near La Codina, on september 10th

Piròmana d’Argos

Vicenç Pagès

Those who few years ago came to walk along the Mont carlinada and Marian Vayreda already know the skills of the writer Viceç Pagès to put on stage stories and mistery. We could not find him anywhere but in Figueres, where he lived as a child, scene of most of his novels and stories.
He invites us to walk through the castle of Sant Ferran in Figueres, a strange turn to the outside. In the afternoon, when the sun sets. The guided walk will last an hour and we will make some inroads in the book “els jugadors de whist”. For sure, you will have a before and an after.

We’ll find Joan Casellas in Les Escaules

Joan Casellas will be with us in his village Les Escaules where every year happens one of the top festivals in the region, the action art meeting La Muga Caula. Joan has been working and researching on performance and action art, as an artist performer, an artist manager and founder of various venues and festivals, and as a documentary photographer, author of AIRE, one of the best archives dedicated to the art of action in Spain.
Joan Casellas actions are simple, light, done with poor materials and often improvised. His work has almost always a touch of humor. His performances aim to the public and often make people smile.

He is accurate and radical in his artistic and curatorial line, ironic, realistic and well set in the present.

Moreover, Les Escaules is a lovely village with leafy green trees, a town with almost no mobile connection and most hospitable neighborhood. Very near the Muga Fall where Dalí and Duchamp went to picnic, a topic that has a lot of conversation…

Joan Casellas in Corpologia 17 Nau Côclea 2013

In Tortellá we will find Mim and Silvia Juncà …

..and Ester Jaume invites us to a  walk with her goats.

Mim Juncà is more than anything a drawer. He is always drawing an endless monologue a long story having taken him  all his life. Silvia is his daughter. When she was a little girl she wanted to be a dolphin trainer, and now she writes stories. “Minimum Stories” is the wonderful book that they have published together, father and daughter, with words and drawings. Both will walk with us and perhaps take some scratch and moment chronicle notes. As  Mim says “We will do something together,  I will draw, she will write but she also will draw and I will speak. We will walk with you for a while, and she told me “we’ll say something like half improvising together, would not it?” To say more would be fiction …. Silvia has a story called “The Vault” which is a great little tour … “
And if that were not enough, Esther James will present us  her herd of goats.

Artist’s group Morir de Frio will participate in Grand Tour on september 7th morning near the Sanctuary of  Bellmunt (Osona)

Morir de Frio is a group of artists who love play, humour and games in an amazing mix of traditional and new strategies. They come from Torelló and for Grand Tour are preparing a walk in the mountain of Bellmunt with some stories and legends like the soquerra-cristos.

Lands and artists

More than 100 artists will perform in Grand Tour 2015. Together with the travellers  will be the highlights of the travel. In the next days  we will introduce here the lands, the landscapes and the performing artists of our adventure.

Ada Vilaro &Pep Aymerich, Walter Benjamin trail 2011