International Conference Walking Art and Relational Geographies. Girona-Olot-Vic July 7-11th 2020.Call for papers and proposals. Deadline April 20th.

Organised by Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio and Clara Garí in collaboration with the University of Girona, Bòlit Centre d’Art Contemporani de Girona, Contemporary Art Center Nau Côclea, Observatori del Paisatge, University of Vic, Deriva Mussol and the Contemporary Art Center AcVic. We invite you to submit papers and creative proposals for the International Encounter and Conference “Walking Art and Relational Geographies” that will take place in Girona, Olot and Vic from the 7th to the 11th of July 2020. Up to April 20th.

Grand Tour 2015 Video

Have a look of Grand Tour 2015 video made by Juanka Santa Varo whith music of Christopher Williams

Grand Tour 2015

If you want to see how was Grand Tour 2015 you can download a report here GRAND TOUR 2015 report . But the journey should be experienced , so if you are interested, join Grand Tour 2016


Why I thought this trip


Twelve years ago I took a trip with my dog walking around Catalonia. I started from Nau Côclea to Delta de l’Ebre. Every day I was going to a place from someone in the past that I had work with, shared ideas or emotions. Some of theme were artists others were friends. They let me stay in their homes and some times they also walked with me for a while: Carmina, Ester, Santiago, Àlex, Miquel, Robert, Blanca, Montse, Medin… among others. Every place from where I was walking and every arrival was a micro-universe inserted in others.
When I arrived to Porrera, in Priorat, my dog became ill and couldn’t walk no longer. Francesc Vidal and Montserrat Cortadellas picked me up from Reus and bring me to a camping where my dog was recovered. And we just kept going… to Arnes, with Miguel and Antonio, and also with my brothers.
Somehow Grand Tour was born from that experience but with the aim to be bigger and more diverse, with more participation. Sharing with people not only the happiness from the journey but the intelligence, the humor, the creativity, the colors and the diversity from the artists. That’s the reason why this trip -that i’m not doing it alone anymore with my dog- is it called Grand Tour and it couldn’t be possible without theme and with out you.

The journey tracks are defined

etapes colors

Compa, our contact in Rutabike association has finished to draw the tracks of Grand Tour. Although there may be still some small changes by this table you can get an idea of the journey, the days, the places we will visit and the kilometers we will walk every day. Finally our stages came out shorter than we thought so we will not walk so much; the average is about 20 km every day.
Soon the tracks will be uploaded  to Wikiloc to be studied  in detail. Every day we will establish several meeting points  for those who want to walk less. I also remind you that we have the registration form on the website, as this allows us to begin to organize ourselves, to know how many you are day by day and count on you.
You may now be making plans for late summer!

Do you want a Grandourist stick?

9 juny bastons

We are planning a special object for walkers in Grand Tour. One idea would be a stick of wood. A stick that had not yet lost the branch shape of the tree once was, helpful to walk  and supportive in difficult steps. We are still mulling because it has to be something beautiful but also useful.
We met Roger Romagosa from Slow Fusta who has a workshop in Sant Martí Vell and gave us some ideas. We also went to La Cellera de Ter where the whole Carreras family is engaged in the craft of cutting branches and make walking sticks and furniture. There we bought fifty chestnut sticks to try some experiments. Let’s see what comes out.
If anyone has good ideas on poles they are very welcome!

Is Grand Tour for you?

cassola de mandonguilles i grup

Grand Tour is mainly for those who like walking, music, real and painted landscapes, farmhouses, humor, eating outdoors, legends, plants, sleeping under the stars, old paths, river waters in late summer, animal tracks and birdsongs, conversation, literature, morning breezes, dry nuts and ringing water sources.
Grand Tour to offer yourself a few days, to walk in nature and to share the road experience with many creators and artists. Also for those who want to join us for a weekend or for a tour of the family with other children.
Grand Tour is for those who come to meet us in town squares, at crossroads and terraces . It is to celebrate the joy of living. A party for everyone!

I’m Clara Gari and I invite you to travel on foot

clara en puigmal red

I invented the Grand Tour; people are doing the rest.

I don’t say “walk” because is not enough: traveling on foot is more than that. Synchrony between body and mind, a simple way but intense to be with things and people in this world. I have been doing this since always and now I invite you to share it with lot of people.

Save a day to travel with us, or maybe two, or three…